Each year we try to raise more money to take more children than the year before(the number never decreases, unfortunately). To enable us to do this, we need to raise more each year for the yearly trips.

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The charity sets about fundraising to pay for the yearly trips in the following ways:


Each year we hold a raffle at Christmas. The prizes are donated by both local and large corporate businesses.
How you can help.
Any donation of an item, however big or small, to enable us to hold our yearly raffle.

Monetary Donations.

Monetary donations made by people and companies directly to the charity.
How you can help.
Being a registered charity, companies can receive a tax benefit when donating monies to us. Once again we would be very pleased to hear from any company or person who would be interested in doing this.


Sponsorships such as running marathons, local fundraising discos by the Brownies, etc.
How you can help.
If anyone is interested in running a marathon or similar sponsorship on behalf of our charity, then please contact us either by e-mail or by post, and we will be more than happy to send out the necessary information to you. The more, the better!!


Auction of goods donated, such as signed England football shirts and footballs.
How you can help.
Any items that we might be able to auction to help raise monies for the yearly trips. Items such as signed football shirts, tickets to events, etc.